Certification and small woods workshop – Shropshire 4th July

Branching out into Forest Certification – Sustainable Forest Management workshop, Shropshire, 4th July.The Woodland Trust is organising a sustainable forest management workshop in collaboration with FSC UK, Tilhill and the Smallwoods Association. The event takes place in a FSC certified ancient woodland close to Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire on the 4th July. The site is a plantation on an ancient woodland site (PAWS) and the focus of the workshop will be the management of such PAW sites under certification standards. Jeremy Evans, Woodland Trust Ancient Woodland Restoration Project Officer, will be leading the day which will comprise of a walk through the site with a number of stops to discuss key points. The event is designed as a knowledge share and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate. Refreshments and lunch provided.


If you are interested in booking a place on this free event, please contact Adam Thorogood: adamthorogood@woodlandtrust.org.uk mobile: 07733012452 office: 03437705633