The tale of the boot and the thorn – exciting new partnership for Small Woods Association

The Small Woods Association is developing an initiative focused on the humble hawthorn.

Known as a local tree throughout Britain, the hawthorn has powerful roots in myths, legends and social history from the Glastonbury Thorn, to the Enclosures and (possibly) Sleeping Beauty!

The tree plays a key role for our native wildlife, providing nesting and resting for many of our resident songbirds as well as a larder for our overwintering birds; as well as being a friend to woodlander and farmer as the perfect hedging material.

This initiative is supported by US outdoor footwear brand OBOZ, who already have a strong direct association with tree planting. Their ‘One More Tree’ project has already led to the planting of 1.5m trees to date.

Volunteers are currently collecting hawthorn seed, to be given away to those trying on the boots during 2018, together with planting instructions and information about the trees. There are also plans to hold events in association with independent stores who will be stocking the boots, probably in the Lake District and North Wales during the course of next year.

It is our hope that the initiative will grow with the brand. We aim to increase people’s understanding of our native trees and maybe the hawthorn won’t be so humble anymore.