Small Woods’ project links

Other useful links
Agroforestry Research Trust website- lots of information and comprehensive tree/plant sales.
Site for tree enthusiasts
The Conservation Volunteers
Woodlands insurance provided by Beech Tree Entertainment
British Woodworking Federation
Countryside Council for Wales
Institute of Chartered Foresters
Common Ground
Central website for Englands Community Forests
Confederation of Forest Industries
Conservation Land Trust
Woodland Trust-Woodland Trust Community Woodland Network
For people involved in shared ownership or management of woods in Scotland.
Coppice Craftsmens Group website
Countryside Recreation Network
For natural products and services
Natural England
Website for the monthly magazine Forestry and British Timber
Forest Education Initiative
Forestry Commission
Forest Schools is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning.
Joan Dixon runs this informative site, based around her wood in Hertfordshire.
A professional working horses service to woodland managers, owners and contractors.
Website for John Clegg, listing woodlands for sale
Information for everyone involved with the environment
Site dedicated to oaks in general and especially one oak in particular!
Royal Forestry Society
Royal Scottish Forestry Society
Rural Arbor Products Ltd website for property owners liability insurance cover for woodland owners.
Large, information packed site run by the Affinity Cooperative, who live in their wood in Devon.
Sells reconditioned hand tools for woodlands/forestry/coppicing.
The Dendrologist website, supporting all tree interested individuals and groups with tree news, a platform for exchange of ideas and contact with others through publishing forthcoming events without charge.
Tree Register of the British Isles
The website of the Arboricultural Association, dedicated to the care and enhancement of amenity trees.
Produces a range of native broadleaved, conifer woodland trees, shrubs and hedging plants plus accessories.
Tree on-line bookshop and information site.
Website for the Woodland Trusts ancient woodland campaign
Professional deer management and training services
Wildlife and countryside services and advice
Central Website for the Wildlife Trusts, with contact details for the county trusts.
Information source for those interested in woodland management, arboriculture and related topics.
Shows details of woods for sale throughout the country.
The Ancient Tree Forum encourages information exchange and care of Britains veteran trees.
Coppice Association North West
Specialising in the sales of small woodlands for recreation, wildlife conservation and investment throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
Environmental jobs, courses and events
Specialist website that focuses on environmental careers in the United Kingdom and globally.
CJS – An information resource with each edition providing an insight into one specific area of the countryside and conservation sectors.

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