Advanced Chainsaw Felling Cuts and Techniques

24 October

This course will be an opportunity to understand how to go about felling large and difficult trees and all the necessary considerations when doing so. Participants must have a Felling up to 380mm (15 inch) or higher qualification to attend.


The course will include:

  • Discussion around saw, bar and chain combinations
  • Dealing with trees that are difficult to fell
  • Felling cuts for valuable timber
  • Felling near roads and public highways
  • Modification of felling cuts for species and situation
  • Felling to ease extraction and production
  • Felling damaged, weak and dead trees
  • Presentation of valuable timber

The course will be a mixture of classroom, a walk to look at some examples and a practical session on standing logs. The course tutor will be Bob Smith – an experienced forestry practitioner and former Forestry Commission Instructor. 

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