Coppice Restoration

4–5 November

FULL This is a hands on practical course based within a coppice woodland in on Wenlock Edge. All aspects for restoring a neglected and over stood coppice woodland will be covered including:

  • assessing the age and health of a coppice stool
  • developing a coppice rotation
  • felling and processing
  • extraction
  • Understanding stool density
  • layering and planting
  • pest control
  • monitoring
  • coppicing for economic and wildlife benefit

The course tutor will be Richard Thomason and will take place at the Wenlock Edge.

BOOKING AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: Contact Fay Hurford                                                                     01952 432769. email:

FURTHER INFORMATION:  Contact Richard Thomason 01952 432769 or 07964 934556

Special offer for our members: 20% off all course fees! Please contact Richard on the details above to get your discount.



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