Knife making

7 April

Learn the skills of the blacksmith and blade smith and make your own knife.

You will learn to:

  • use the forge anvil and hammer,
  • able to identify the temperature of steel by looking at the colours,
  • learn the art of hardening and tempering, forging and drawing with the hammer. Blacksmith made knifes differ from commercial made knifes in that they are not ground with a grinder but shaped with the hammer.

The tutor Richard Eaton is a professional blacksmith making artistic and traditional ironwork as well as heritage work in Shropshire. He has a deep passion for making knifes.

BOOKNG AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: email or call Fay on  01952 432769

FURTHER INFORMATION: email or call Richard on 07964 934556

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Course cost: £ 140.00


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