Knots and Devices

7 November

This course will guide you through a range of useful knots and hitches as well as some useful devices that will make your life easier in the woodland and workshop.

You will learn:


  • Simple and useful knots, splicing and whipping
  • How to tie correctly and where to use
  • Reef knot, Clove hitch, Bowline, Running bowline, Carters hitch, Marlin spike hitch.
  • Simple whip to tidy the ends of 3 strand ropes
  • Splicing to include creating an eye in the end of a rope


We will have a range of simple clamps and devices on display,  for participants to try out, share ideas and take measurements,   including:  Fascine clamp, lap shave, standing horse, cleaving brakes, knee vices, hoop maker shave horse, bowl carving clamp , spoon horse and many more. We will have top tips on how to make and discount prepared  timber available to purchase.


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* Due to Covid-19 we will not be taking any payments until we can be sure that the course will be able to run. Bookings will still be taken as usual and payment  will be requested closer to the  course date when we can confirm the course is running

FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Richard Thomason 01952 432769/07964 934556

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