Make and Use A Touch-Wood Pole Lathe

12–14 April


Course Cost: £400

Venue: The GreenWood Centre, Coalbrookdale, TF8 7DR

This is a great way to get into the absorbing therapeutic activity of pole lathe turning or “bodging”. Bodgers are known for their resourcefulness and tend to create the tools they need from materials at hand, rather than visiting the DIY store; so bearing that in mind, building your own lathe is an ideal way to embark on this journey.

The course programme:

Day 1 and 2

  • Marking out lathe beds
  • Cutting mortices for the sliding dovetail joints
  • Making legs cleft and shaped from oak logs
  • Cutting the shapes of the head and tail stocks and adjustable tool rest
  • Creating wedges cut from 1′ hardwood boards
  • Making treadle and setting up lathe for use

Day 3

  • Explore the use of your newly made lathe

There will be plenty of tools, materials and coaching/advice to use this multipurpose lathe for spindle and hollow turning. Suitable chisels and hook tools will be available to buy if needed.

The unique thing about the “Touch-Wood lathe” is that a single lathe can be used for both hollow turning (e.g. bowls etc) and spindle turning (e.g. chairlegs etc), so a wide range of products can be made. This is acheived using the adjustable tool rest, which can be locked in any position using a wedge the same as the poppets (head and tail stocks). Powered by a treadle, with either a pole (as in pole lathe) acting as return spring; or a bungie can be used, set up above the lathe bed.

Find out more about the lathe in this video:


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