Paddle Making

4–5 July

Course Cost: £180

Venue: The GreenWood Centre, Coalbrookdale, TF8 7DR

Work along side boat builder and artist Clinton Chaloner to make your own personalised paddle. A course suitable for water enthusiast, canoeists and coraclers you will use a single piece of cleft ash to craft a paddle suited to your needs.

You will learn:

  • How to select suitable wood
  • Splitting an ash blank
  • Cutting and shaping
  • Fine finishing using traditional hand tools.

On the course we will employ these tools on cleft pieces of green ash to produce a paddle from a single piece of wood.  Rough shaping of the paddle blanks with an axe will be followed by measuring and reducing to thickness with a drawknife before finishing with spokeshaves. A variety of paddle shapes and styles can be accommodated according to what is desired. What you take away at the end of the course may well be a first paddle but with it will go a set of skills to improve upon and the satisfaction of knowing that the paddle in your hands is your own creation.

From the tutor “My own interest in paddle making sprang from my involvement in the creation of four dugout boats. These were historical reconstructions of ancient vessels which have been made since the stone-age and are still made today.

I use my own paddles regularly both in dugouts and in a modern Canadian open canoe. To make your own paddle is to join in a tradition which has remained relatively unchanged for several thousand years. With patience, modest skills and simple tools (axe, drawknife and spokeshave), anyone can produce a useful and even beautiful paddle.”


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Course cost: £ 180.00


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