Spoon Carving Weekend

25–26 July

This two day course will provide an in depth learning of the full process involved from tree to spoon. Over the weekend, Harry will teach you the basics of carving green wood and then move on to some more advanced techniques.

Day 1;

You will learn;

  • How to carve a spoon from a spoon blank using only a straight knife and a hook knife
  • The safe and efficient way of using these tools and before lunch you will have carved a spoon!

After lunch, we will go into the woods and find a tree that is suitable for spoon carving, we will also talk about woodland management and work on some tree identification. You will then learn how to hand fell a tree with an axe and saw and then process the tree and bring it back to camp.

Day 2;

You will learn;

  • The whole process from log to product
  • The basic principles of cleaving wood with a froe or axe
  • How to rough out a spoon blank
  • Carving spoons with natural bends and utilising those to make a unique, finished product.

Your tutor for this course will be Harry. After training with Barnaby Carder a.k.a Barn the Spoon and completing an apprenticeship at Cherry Wood, Harry is now a full time traditional woodworker based in the south west of the UK. He manages a couple plots of woodland to supply the raw materials for his work crafting treen, greenwood furniture, timber frames and traditional coppice products.

He also has a passion for working with people of all ages, gender and ability. Working with your hands is an empowering process that can help people to connect to their environment and to each other.

You can view his instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/sparry_hoons/
If you have any questions about the course contact Harry on; 07807593141 or harry_samuel@hotmail.com


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Course cost: £ 170.00


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