Timber Felling to Aid Motor Manual Extraction

21 October

How to fell and present trees to aid motor manual timber extraction. Presenting timber correctly can significantly reduces timber extraction costs. The course will teach you how and where to fell timber for efficient and economic extraction.

Learn more:

This one day course will take place at the Green Wood Centre and in a local working woodland.

You will learn:

  • Planning and starting a felling program
  • Understand timber extraction methods
  • Advanced felling cuts
  • Ergonomics of moving timber

BOOKING AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: Contact Fay Hurford 01952 432769                 fayhurford@smallwoods.org.uk

FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Richard Thomason 01952 432769 or 07964 934556 richardthomason@smallwoods.org.uk

Special offer for our members: 20% off all course fees! Please contact Richard or Fay on the details above to get your discount.


Course cost: £ 140.00


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