Tool Sharpening OCN Level 2 (Cross cut saws, axes & billhooks)

7–8 October

This is an opportunity to learn how to sharpen hand tools to a high professional standard. A blunt tool makes work hard, slow and dangerous. The 2 person saw has become a popular tool but the skill to sharpen needs passing on. Billhooks and axes work so much better when sharp.

You will learn:

  •  Different saw patterns and edged tool profiles
  •  Suitable sharpening tools and devices
  •  How to set and sharpen a cross cut saw
  •  How to create the correct profile for billhooks and axes
  •  Sharpening and Honing bill hooks and axes
  •  How to handle and repair edged tools

The course tutor will be Brian Williamson and will take place at the Green Wood Centre.

BOOKING AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: Contact Judith Adams  01952 435850 or email

FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Richard Thomason 01952 432769/07964 934556

Special offer for our members: 20% off all course fees! Please contact Judith on the details above to get your discount.


Course cost: £ 140.00


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