Traditional Fencing (Hurdle Making)

28–29 March

Course Cost: £180

Venue: The GreenWood Centre, Coalbrookdale, TF8 7DR

This is a 2 day course based at the Green Wood Centre. Participants will learn how to make a traditional woven hazel hurdle working alongside a professional hurdle maker Brian Williamson.


You will learn:

  • How to select and prepare suitable hazel rods for the different parts of a hurdle
  • Locate and set a hurdle brace and prepare the tools of the trade.
  • How to cleave (split) hazel rods using a bill hook or riving post.
  • Setting the zales
  • Weaving using a selection of material to build the hurdle
  • Finishing weave and snedding
  • The different traditional hurdle patterns

Each participant will make a hurdle to return home along with the knowledge to continue to practice and hone their skills.


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Course cost: £ 180.00


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