Grow your Woodland Business

1–2 September

Grow your Woodland Business.

1-2 September 2018

(Participants are encouraged to attend evening workshop on August 31)

Cost £180

An opportunity to train with highly successful and inspiring woodland business entrepreneurs to learn how to start and grow a woodland and green wood craft business.

The course is suitable for new and established sole traders, small businesses and community enterprises. You will be taught how to make good business decisions and shown the tools available to enable you to succeed.

You will learn:

* Developing strategies to set and achieve targets

* How to improve quality, efficiency and profit

* Understanding your market and adapting to it’s needs.

* Improving the day to day running of the business.

* Implications of growth, forecasting and setting milestones

* Making the most from marketing and sales

* Decision making tools

At the end of the course participants will identify future goals and a strategy on how to achieve them.

The course will be run in fun informal way with classroom studies linked with green wood crat workshop based around making a product to sale to a panel of mock judges at the end of the weekend.

Camping and camper van accommodation available on site. Refreshments and lunches provided.

BOOKING AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: Contact Judith Adams  01952 435850 or email

FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact Richard Thomason 01952 432769/07964 934556

Special offer for our members: 20% off all course fees! Please contact Judith on the details above to get your discount.


Course cost: £ 180.00


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