Woodland Shelter Building

27–29 March



This course will guide you through the processes of building a structure out of round wood from start to finish by creating two A frames and learning how to join them together.


You will learn:

  • How to line up your structure and get dimensions right
  • Basic tool use – Chisel, saw, axe, drill
  • How to use a log scribe
  • Bark peeling to strip the timber ready for use
  • Some basic timber joinery techniques
  • The whole process of building a structure from start to finish

This course is aimed at those who would like to put up structures in their woodland or other sites. This structure could be tailored for a variety of different uses such as; an outdoor kitchen, green woodworking shelter, forest school activities shelter, or just a lovely place to sit back with a cup of tea and observe the outdoors.

Your tutors will be Charles Soares and Ffion Jones. Both are highly skilled in the art of round wood timber framing and have had years of experience creating both functional and beautiful structures.

Please note; the structure you will build is similar to that in the picture above, however it will not be exactly the same.


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