Woodland Trees: Their structure and Biology. Part 2

30 June–1 July

Part 2 The structure and strength of trees

This course investigates how trees work, the structure and mechanisms of trees and how they interact within the woodland environment.

The subject has been divided into 3 key areas and which will be taught over 3 different weekends. Participants can choice which module is of most interest to them. Discounts are available for participants attending all the 3 modules.

The course is taught by Bob Watson, author and former Head of Forestry at Newton Rigg. Bob delivers the course and information in a format accessible to a wide audience with plenty of visual and practical examples to support the theory.

Part 2 The structure and strength of trees

  • Tree flowers roots and seeds.
  • Tree growth phases.
  • Tree strength and structure influenced by biological Health.
  • Tree root-plate architecture, depth and structure strength.
  • Arborescence verses Arboreal
  • Lateral branch unions, girth increment, bark patterns
  • The biological effects of tree pruning and coppicing
  • Plant and tree strategies for survival.

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Course cost: £ 120.00


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