Heatherfield and Blackcraig Wood Demonstration Event

22 August

Heatherfield and Blackcraig woodland is an ancient woodland site significant for its importance for nature conservation, third place winner of Scottish Finest Woods in the farm woodland section in 2018, and also as a filming site for the series Outlander. Located near Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire the woodland is a mix of hard and softwoods, has meandering paths and tracks and a pond to broaden biodiversity on a south facing open border. The woodland has an approved management plan in place and since 2009 has been lovingly and sensitively managed with clearance of windblow, replanting, grey squirrel and Roe deer control, and establishment of new tracks to aid management. The event will be a demonstration event including low impact extraction equipment, including a double highlead winch and a skyline.

If you are interested please email Sonia at soniaroberts@smallwoods.org.uk  or call 01952 432769.