Managing Ancient Woodlands for Ground Flora with Flora Locale, Buckinghamshire

10 May

The Small Woods Association is also proud to offer a selection of Flora Locale training courses at a discounted rate of £50 for Small Woods members.

Pigotts Wood is an interesting ancient beech wood with wild cherry, hornbeam and  holly among other tree species, it is in the Chilterns AONB with some scarce and rare species in the ground flora and patches of bluebells. This winter four small areas of mature conifer (Plantations on Ancient Woodland Site) totalling about 0.4ha have been felled and the timber removed to return these areas to native broadleaved trees. The soil has been disturbed so natural regeneration should occur and ground flora should develop in the coming years. The soils are clay with flints over lying the chalk, with some areas of thinner chalk soil on the lower edge of the wood, typical of many ancient woods in the Chilterns. This wood has a well documented history of its ownership going back to the 1550’s.


The session will start at 10am with introductions and an initial talk, followed by a guided visit to look at the flora and trees in parts of the wood. We will use ancient woodland flora recording sheets to note the species we find.