Managing woodlands to improve biodiversity and sustainability with Flora Locale, Wetherby, Yorkshire

12 July

The Small Woods Association is also proud to offer a selection of Flora Locale training courses at a discounted rate of £50 for Small Woods members.

Facilitators : Melanie Smith, East Keswick Wildlife Trust

This course on woodland management is designed for those considering buying a wood, woodland owners and those who want to promote woodland biodiversity. The site visits will offer an opportunity to see habitat management in a 35 acre semi ancient broad leaf woodland and a recently naturally regenerated woodland. On site we will look at the impact of deer, tree disease and management, opportunities of producing  income from smaller woodlands, charcoal burning, coppice working and timber extraction.

We will look at pasture woodland ride flora enhancement projects, natural tree regeneration and pasture woodland conservation grazing.

We can show examples of community involvement which include coracle making, bread oven construction, cooking crafts, hurdle making, and greenwood furniture. There will be an opportunity to discuss grant applications and entry into the Countryside Stewardship woodland support schemes.

Your own projects can be discussed.