Member Event: Lady Park Wood

14 October

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A visit to the woodland at the heart of George Peterken’s latest book, Woodland Development: a Long Term Study of Lady Park Wood.

In 1944 Lady Park Wood (45 hectares of woodland in Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire, UK) was set aside indefinitely by the Forestry Commission so that ecologists could study how woodland develops naturally. Since then, in a unique long-term study, individual trees and shrubs have been recorded at intervals, accumulating a detailed record of more than 20,000 individual beech, sessile oak, ash, wych elm, small-leaved lime, large-leaved lime, birch, hazel, yew and other species.

Walking through the woodland you will have the opportunity to view this unique experiment and benefit from the knowledge George Peterken has built up though its study.

George’s book can be purchased online here.

To book please email or call 01952 432769.