Small Woodland and Shelterbelts: Design and Management, Crookston Farm, Heriot, Scotland

5 March

Please note, the date of this event is changing due to inclement weather. We now hope to be holding it in May. Please contact Sonia on for more information.

Scotland is a windy country and shelter is highly desirable, especially on a livestock farm.   How do you design for shelter from scratch?   Or perhaps there are existing shelterbelts which have seen better days.   How do you increase their shelter value at the same time as safeguarding their other benefits, such as wood fuel production?   Perhaps, old shelter woods are coming to the end of their life cycle.   How do you replace them without losing all that precious shelter?   And how do you ensure that your woods lock up as much carbon as possible in this time of climate change?


10am – 3pm

Lunch will be provided

To book a place please email Sonia on or phone on 01952 432769