Valuing & Managing Veteran Trees, The National Forest

13 March

This event was developed as part of the VETree project (European project across five countries, see for details).

Training will be delivered through a combination of presentations, group exercises and field visits with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss.

Learning outcomes
This one day course will focus on providing participants with sufficient information and experience to:

  1. Give a definition of a veteran tree that is of importance for biological or heritage value.
  2. Explain why trees can live so long
  3. Describe how and where roots grow and why they are important
  4. Undertake a simple survey of a veteran tree in the field

Assess when management is likely to be appropriate for old trees or their surroundings

A certificate of attendance is provided upon completion of the day.

There is a cost of £75 per person for this event.

To book a place please email Sonia on or phone on 01952 432769