Education and Training Opportunities in Woodland Related Subjects*

Are you interested in a coppice apprenticeship?
You want to start or develop a career, earn a living, use equipment safely, enhance a hobby, comply with a regulation, try out something new, meet others? If so, there will be a course that could enable you to achieve this.
When considering investing your time and money in education and training look very carefully at all the elements that will make it successful.

*Main woodland related subjects include: trees (in the context of forestry or arboriculture), wildlife (flora and fauna), nature conservation, the environment, recreation, access and tourism.

Start by asking yourself

What exactly do I want from the training? Add your own aims and ambitions to the ideas above.
Is it realistic for me to do it? What about amount of time, cost, travel, mental and physical demands, prior experience or qualifications?
As a job, does it have a future? The prospects for work in different sectors varies greatly. Employment in evironmental conservation, recreation, access and tourism is expected to increase more than in commercial forestry but require a different mix of skills and qualifications. Management, information and communication technology and people skills are demanded as widely as manual craft ability in either sector. Find out from those who have gone before you just how well they are fairing. Has it fulfilled their expectations.
Think and research as broadly as possible before narrowing your options.

Make use of Directories

They are a good starting points for finding courses and providers. Examples with national coverage are:

  • Colleges, Universities and other Further Education establishments offering land-based courses from LANTRA* from their web site and via their Helpline 0345 078007
  • Useful Publications on Careers in Land-based industries also from LANTRA
  • Woodlands Initiative Register from Small Woods and available on our web site
    detailing nearly 100 initiatives across the UK, most of which will run or have information on training.
  • Courses available from Small Woods for members.

*LANTRA is the Government recognised National Training Organisation (NTO) for the land-based industries throughout the UK.