Woodland Initiatives Network

00Woodland Initiative Network is a UK wide group of projects and initiatives of all sizes and with many different objectives, including Trusts, charities, Social Enterprises, not for profit organisations and projects within local authorities, AONBs, and national parks.  WIN brings them all together, sharing information and ideas, forming partnerships and working together to engage communities and to improve, extend and utilize our woodlands.  WIN is a partnership that reflects how communities, businesses, land owners and managers use and view their local woods. WIN contributes to policy responses and key national fora.

The Network has its own information system and a register of all UK woodland Initiatives, to enable you to find the one nearest to where you live. www.smallwoods.org.uk/initiatives.

The latest news items relevant to woodland projects in the UK are listed on the information pages.

The woodland Initiatives Handbook is an incredibly useful resource full of information on the options for creating a woodland initiative or not-for-profit organisation, including governance and finance.  This document was first created in 2005 but some sections have been updated in 2009, 2010 and continue to be updated.  The chapters are free to downlaod as separate pdf’s here

Governance & Structure
Financial control
Liability Insurance
Health & Safety
Understanding the rights of others

Meeting Targets takes a look at the work of the various Woodland Initiatives around the country, it explains what the initiatives do across England and how they are delivering a variety of projects and helping Government achieve their strategic aims and objectives.  (2007)

Meeting Targets